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Hi! I'm Rijnard. I work a lot with software. I'm interested in developing new ways to analyze, manipulate, and fix code. I completed my Computer Science Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University in 2019. I love research but also want to make those ideas a reality in practice. I work remote at fast-moving startups and keep my work close to direct user desires, product pain points, and measurably impactful features.

I currently work on developer experience and smart contract languages at Mysten Labs. Recent work includes an a new system for displaying smart contract source code. Prior, I worked at Sourcegraph where I developed and applied new code search techniques end-to-end, and won a research award in the process.

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Mysten Labs
Dec 2022-current | Las Vegas, NV | Remote

Developer tools, developer experience, and smart contract language design on the Sui blockchain.

Oct 2019-current | Las Vegas, NV | Remote

Ubiquitous code search, intelligence, and large scale transformation. Produced award-winning research for industrial development and application of new search techniques.

May-Aug 2017 | May-Aug 2018 | Menlo Park, CA |

Added parallel processing (5x speedup), static taint analysis, and language server protocol support to Pyre , the Python static type checker at Facebook / Meta.

Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2015 | Spring 2018 | Pittsburgh, PA |

Teaching Assistant for 18-739L (CTF-based security course) and 17-819O: Program Analysis.

Microsoft Research
May-Jul 2014 | Redmond, WA |

Intern at Microsoft Research with Patrice Godefroid in the RiSE group.




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  My Dissertation .

  My Thesis Proposal .

My previous research group's award winning paper on automatically fixing COBOL programs, SIGBOVIK '18.